Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fall Decor

Since it's still the month of November I'm going to post a couple of Fall themed crafts ...

Front Porch Ghosts

Each is made with roughly 1 yard of muslin (1$ per yd. at Wal-Mart), a Tupperware bowl, Duct tape, thread (any color will do, I used black), and a black permanent marker.

I turned the Tupperware bowl upside down, threaded my needle and knotted the end, attached the thread to the bottom of the bowl with the Duct tape. Next I found the center of my muslin and drew a pair of eyes and a ghostly mouth. Last I passed the needle through the center of the muslin just above the face. I have some plant hooks on my front porch and I hung the ghosts there. :)

Pumpkin Planter

A pumpkin, potting soil, flowers or a plant.
Optional: jute or ribbon for a bow and a cute Give Thanks door hanger from the craft store.

First I hollowed out the pumpkin (I saved the seeds and baked them, YUM!). Next I added a bit of soil inside the pumpkin and planted the plant just like in a pot. Last I added the bows and hung the Give Thanks door hanger on the front.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Necktie Madness

I love the color blue. I also love neckties. So, I went down to my local Salvation Army and purchased a bag full of ties for $35.00 (I had no idea it would be that expensive!). I also picked up a round foam wreath and lots of hot glue sticks at the craft store. I wrapped the ties around the wreath, cut off the excess skinny ends, and used a TON of hot glue. The ties are stiff enough for the points to stand out on their own. The skinny bow is the skinny end of the tie.  The end result ...

After I finished the wreath I had lots of left over skinny ends so I wrapped them into flowers and hot glued them onto headbands. The headband was gold and didn't match well with the teal tie so I stripped some of the tie material and wrapped it around the headband. ...